As we are a factory direct source, we have a discount structure on orders

We are so secure that we have the lowest price in the market, that we have launched our lowest price guarantee. If you find a lower priced oilcloth and vinyl tablecloth of the same quality as ours, we will beat that price by 10%, not only equaling the price, but reducing it an additional 10% (NO restrictions apply). You can feel safe that with us you are buying the lowest possible price at an excellent level of quality. We reduce the price of our oilcloths and vinyl tablecloths because we are a factory direct solution, plus we have an excellent logistics infrastructure. In summary, what we do is optimize the total supply chain cost of the product in the benefit of our customers.

In the unlikely event that you find one of our competitors offering the same oilcloths with the same characteristics, quality and lead time but at a lower cost, please let us know by filling out the following form. We will offer 110% price guarantee:

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