Factory | Oilcloth and vinyl tablecloth manufacturing

Our factory is located in Mexico City, Mexico. Our production process is a mixed industrial process, as it combines both an industrial process, with a handmade highly skilled printing process.

Our different economies of scale and abilities, give us as a result a complete optimization of both price and quality. We employ close to 75 skilled artisans and workers in different oilcloth production techniques and jobs. We have a high volume capacity, adequate construction and manufacturing practices implemented and a strict quality assurance process in place. These are the main reasons why our factory is the best option for you:

We are socially responsible. Do not employ children and have social responsible policies in place

We provide an indirect benefit to the environment by providing products that are washed and cleaned using a minimal amount of water, as well as substituting disposable products that really affects the environment and generate high volumes of waste, such as paper table coverings. Vinyl also is the plastic that uses less amount of oil, therefore contributing to a lower consumption of this important resource.

We have volume capabilities. Our production capabilities run to thousands of rolls of quality manufactured oilcloths and plastic tablecloths per month.

We have a diverse skilled and qualified artisan workmanship force that can work in many flexible and different ways, allowing us to manufacture and create beautiful and unique designs and finishes

We can provide custom work; if you need a special design or completely manufactured product, with a minimum ordering quantity. If you need a full custom project, we can do the custom manufacturing work for you. Working with us is simple, efficient and rewarding.

Shipping. We take care of the entire supply chain. We will take control on your product from the time you place your order, to the time you receive it in your hands. You will not have to deal with the parcel or trucking company, you will only deal with us as we are a vertically integrated company.