About Oilcloths.com | Information about our oilcloth and tablecloth wholesale company with factory direct prices from Mexico

Oilcloths.com is a website created to provide useful information on oilcloths manufactured in Mexico, as well as to provide the trade with the highest quality oilcloths at the best prices in the market.

Through this site, we sell wholesale orders only, with a minimum order of one roll. If you are interested to purchase retail please contact us and we will gladly provide you with a list of dealers close to your area.

We are also providing important information about the characteristics of oilcloth, in terms of how it is made, what is its composition and the advantages of using it, as well as disadvantages. We will try to inform to you as clear and accurate as possible on the different possibilities that using oilcloths and vinyl tablecloths will bring to your life. And we will give you ideas and hints on how to take the most advantage out of it.