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Why buy from Oilcloths.com
Lowest price guarantee

We have a 110% Lowest price guarantee that will secure to you that you are buying your vinyl tablecloth and oilcloth at a factory direct source, at the lowest price in the market. Guaranteed. NO restrictions apply.

Superior quality

Our vinyl tablecloths and oilcloths are constructed with passion, therefore our quality is superior. We stand behind our vinyl tablecloth and oilcloth products and we are proud of our quality craftsmanship. We have a quality assurance department where we inspect each and all tablecloths leaving our facility making sure that you receive a perfect oilcloth.

Great customer service

Great customer service and full satisfaction guarantee. The main objective of oilcloths.com is to achieve excellence through a daily improvement in our service and efficiency. To deliver a positive experience to those persons and companies who trust the purchase of their tablecloths and oilcloths with us. Our customer satisfaction is our highest priority, even above our profitability objectives. We think on the long run.

Buy safe and secure

Buying with oilcloths.com is a safe way to buy. Your transaction, information and your state of mind are secured with us. We build our products with best practices for construction and manufacturing. We have a strict quality control system in place and we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy. We are members of Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating, therefore buying from us is a secure way to buy good quality oilcloths and tablecloths.

We are custom made for you

We are flexible and always willing to adapt to your special needs and buying requirements. We are open to develop your special designs, colors and graphics, as wekk as your custom projects for your oilcloth and tablecloth purchases.

No Sales Tax

No sales tax for purchases shipping outside of Texas.

Freight Cap Shipping

Our products are manufactured in Mexico. We stock them in Laredo, TX for a quicker and more efficient shipping process. And we charge a flat fee of 15% to ship your product anywhere in the lowest 48 states